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Who am I?

My name is Zuzana Rajmicova. In 2019 I finished Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program designed by Sadhguru in Isha Yoga Center in India.


Yoga really changed my life. I can honestly tell that I am now living much happier and more balanced life than ever before.

With Isha Hatha Yoga you will be flexible in every situation.

What I teach:





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I am calmer, more balanced and I stay on top of things. My sleep is of much more quality now. I recommend Surya Kriya to everyone who wants to be ready to face everyday challenges.

Mirek Černý
Right from the beginning I experience inner peace and balance, which I believe will deepen with further practise. My body is more flexible and my mood is much better than before.

Karolina Kočí
Video master

Whenever I do the practise, I come back to myself. I am not that reactive throughout the day, but pro-active,
rather. I am the one who decides what I really want to do.

Adam Štrunc

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